| Bates Intranet

In 2018, I completed phase two of the three phase Bates web presence rebuild. The old website was used by prospective students, current students, and employees. There was no intranet for the employees at Bates Technical College. Phase one was the current student portal called MyBates. Phase two was the intranet.

IT wanted the intranet to feel more like a web application than a website, so I designed and developed it as modular based application. Employee’s sign in with their LDAP credentials. The college does not support SSO at this time, so that is not built into the intranet yet. Employee’s can each have their own unique dashboard by moving tools they commonly use to the dashboard. News pertaining to the whole college are displayed on the dashboard, as well as a calendar and upcoming events. Also, I built a WordPress document management plugin to keep track of documents and when they have been uploaded and updated. Recently updated documents are displayed on the dashboard. In 2019, I will be building a new application for Bates that expands on this plugin.