Learn4Life | LearnFourLife – B2B Website

I recently left my design position at Learn4Life to move my family to Tacoma, Washington. Before leaving, I was tasked with redesigning the home page of out B2B website that politicians and investors look at before building partnerships with us. The old site wasn’t very nice (the company used a marketing agency in CA to design it and we had to follow it verbatim). I had two weeks to come up with a redesigned homepage, since a complete redesign of the site was impossible in that short of time span. After a couple of mockups, the new homepage was chosen and I coded it up in a day and a half. I then took the old static site and converted 90% of it to a custom WordPress theme to make adding news and student stories easier. As mentioned, most of my work on this site was in the homepage, javascript, and WordPress theme development. The internal pages were designed by the marketing agency. You can view the site here.